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Back office is a part of business that does not directly deal with clients. It provides support to the front office completing several tasks that clients ask for. In addition to this staff in the back office are responsible for several administrative tasks including, accounting, marketing, maintaining records, data management and related activities. Back office and its staff do not directly interact with a clients, however, they do interact with front office.

Service industry especially accounting, finance, and information technology are using their back office for focused work and cutting their costs.  An outsourced back office can also relax more than 40% of managerial works that a business management has to perform. Back office plays a vital role in the performance of front office because usually they perform around more than 75% of technical work of front office. 

Role of back office

Processes that a back office usually performs are vital functions of all businesses. These process are administrative, repetitive and necessary and may include core processes of business too.

Back offices are established to minimize cost, enhance focus on core area, record recovery optimization, increase independence of different functions etc.

The individuals involved can range from HR clerks, data entry clerks to professionals accounts, HR managers, and IT professionals. Regardless of the function, the business objectives remain essentially the same:

  • Enhancing the accuracy and speed of work
  • Providing lowest cost of processing
  • Meeting service delivery deadlines
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction

What we offer

We offer number of services as back office service provider few of our services are mentioned in the below list:

  • Data entry and invoicing
  • Transaction processing
  • Payroll processing
  • SECP compliances
  • Tax compliance
  • Lead generation/ sale support
  • Record maintenance
  • Inventory management
  • Customer administration

Several businesses outsource some of its core business operations to manage workload, in such cases we always meet the pre-decided timeline for services and perform tasks according to standards. In addition to this confidentiality of arrangement and data is always ensured to your satisfaction.

Our back-office experts always provide you with cost-effective,  multiple, and smooth-running solutions that are perfected just for you. Share your operational challenges with us, and you will be provided with multiple options to eliminate hurdles and boost productivity. 

We assure you to reduce your operational cost by 35% to 50%.

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