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CFO Oversight is a young association of experts providing strategic financial services to start-ups, and other corporate entities in the most simplified and automated manner. It is a fast-growing consultancy firm in Pakistan and a tech based solution to every business.

Expertise that were impossible to acquire in small budgets are now available to every small and medium sized entities especially to startups. You can experience the ease of compliance and reporting with us. Without hassle of going through technical details, our experts will explain you every major part of compliance so that it will become understandable and remain transparent.

Discover how CFO Oversight can help you bring in more ease of doing business by making required compliance, maintaining accurate records, and reporting timely information.

Services at CFO Oversight speak for itself. We are also operating as back office for several local entities to support them in maintaining quality, retaining their clients, and reducing cost by approximate 45%. This helps our associates to offer competitive prices  to their clients.

We suggest starting low and test what services are best for you and how cost friendly could it be made. We believe in serving for compliance. The process and the cost of making compliance should be friendly for every size of corporate entity. We believe in charging only for the actual work instead of inflating it to get undue advantage of client’s needs.

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