BPR - Business Process Reengineering

Proper execution of Business Process Reengineering (BPR) can be a game-changer to any business. If properly handled, it can perform miracles on a failing or stagnating business, increasing the profits and driving growth.

Business process reengineering, however, involves enforcing change in an organization which always tearing down something people are used to and creating something new in place of the previous practiced habit and this is not an easy task.

In BPR we recreate core business process with the goal of improving product output, quality, or reducing costs. As unlike BPR management involves bringing change in fundamental business processes. We adopt following brief steps to provide effective BPR service;

  • Understanding the current business process and control environment, then evaluate the system and the process to identify the need of change. These changes are first reported to client’s management and after their agreement we proceed further;
  • Convincing the second level of management and other related staff for need of change and their essential benefits;
  • Gathering necessary date during the process and develop a comprehensive plan with involvement of different department heads and leaders;
  • Identifying the change resistant factors and triggers to have their controlled involvement in bringing the change;
  • Involving the team of experts, both from inside and outside entity to reduce the chances of failure, involvement of senior and operational management is inevitable here to bring the success in change; and
  • Identify inefficient process and define Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) then reengineering the process to make it efficient and compare KPIs.

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