Corporate and secretarial services comprise various compliance under Companies Act, 2017, Securities Act, 2015, PSX Regulations, Societies Act, etc. The corporate services that we provide to our clients include:

  • Advice and assistance in setting up of new corporate structures, in accordance with the Companies Act, 2017 and other related laws and regulations;
  • Assistance in the incorporation of companies, major acquisition, listing into securities exchange, induction into CDS, etc.;
  • Observe compliances of Securities Act, Listing Regulations, Foreign Exchange Act, Insurance Ordinance, Non-Banking Financial Institution Regulations, and other regulating laws of the land;
  • Flotation, liquidation, and winding up of joint stock companies and completion of formalities relating thereto;
  • Preparation and filing of annual and periodical forms and returns, through both means online or physical, to different regulating bodies under the applicable corporate laws in Pakistan especially to the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan under the Companies Act, 2017; and

Providing corporate technical advice and secretarial services in completing documents and acting as company secretary.

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