Our vision is an international consulting firm that delivers breakthrough solutions in Taxation, Corporate matters, Accounting & Financial Services and in design and development of more efficient operating models.



We acknowledge that Quality bookkeeping is vital to every entity. Therefore, it must ensure that as an outsourcing partner, the financial transactions and records of the entity are kept up-to-date and accurate. It helps reduce costs of routine clerical or accounting processes, allowing clients the time and resources to focus on growing and developing the business.

We, not only advise on how best to comply with regulations, we also help our clients appreciate the consequences of non-compliance and deliver day-to-day outsourced finance activities to ensure they remain compliant.

The process, a consultant is required to go through in every engagement, he undertakes are:

  • Complete understanding of business and an analysis of existing accounting workflows and processes;
  • Designing an outsourcing solution that answers needs and achieves desired objectives;
  • Ensuring a smooth transition phase; and

Running a steady state operation that takes Finance & Accounting function a step forward and aims for continuous performance improvement. We offer a full range of finance and accounting support services across the entire finance value chain which includes but not limited to:

  • Setting up the complete accounting system;
  • Creation of charts of accounts in line with client’s reporting requirement;
  • Preparation of annual and periodic financial statements in accordance with IFRS and local laws or any other
  • applicable reporting framework within Pakistan;
  • Designing and establishing a reporting mechanism for management purposes;
  • Accounts receivable and payable management;
  • Reconciliation of different accounts and balances;
  • Investigation on accounting and financial matters related to records of the entity;
  • Analyzing and processing the expenses incurred by the entity/employee on a monthly/quarterly/yearly basis and preparing a cumulative report; and
  • Audit assistance to support accounts team to meet auditor’s expectations.

Corporate and secretarial services comprise of various compliance requirements of the corporate sector under, most commonly, Companies Act, 2017, Securities Act, 2015, PSX Regulations, etc. The corporate services that we provide to our clients include:

  • Advice and assistance in setting up of new corporate structures, in accordance with Companies Act, 2017 and other related laws and regulations;
  • Assistance in the incorporation of companies, major acquisition, listing into securities exchange, induction into CDS, etc.;
  • Observe compliances of Securities Act, Listing Regulations, Foreign Exchange Act, Insurance Ordinance, Non-Banking Financial Institution Regulations, and other regulating laws of the land;
  • Flotation, liquidation and winding up of joint-stock companies and completion of formalities relating thereto;
  • Preparation and filing annual and periodical forms and returns, through both means online or physical, to different regulating bodies under the applicable corporate laws in Pakistan especially to the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan under the Companies Act, 2017; and

Providing corporate technical advice and secretarial services in completing documents and acting as company secretary.


Experienced tax experts and professionals provide the best opinions and appropriate advice on tax issues within the parameters of applicable tax laws. Our tax and allied services include:

Income Tax
  • Advice on complex and technical issues on income tax matters.
  • Preparation and filing of tax returns with supporting statements;
  • Advising in connection with the advance payment/ withholding of tax.
  • Formulation of tax planning and strategy for the coming period/ year;
  • Obtaining nil and reduced withholding tax certificates and tax exemptions, where applicable, from the concerned authorities.
  • Obtaining National Tax Number Certificate;
  • Managing the tax affairs of the client’s personnel, including filing of monthly and annual returns relating to personnel on behalf of the client.
Sales Tax
  • Advising on the implications of the sales tax regime and changes thereto as regulated by the Sales Tax Act, 1990 and the promulgations made hereunder.
  • Obtaining exemptions on import of plant and machinery.
  • Advice on complex and technical issues on sales tax matters.
  • Advising on the book-keeping and invoicing requirements under the Sales-tax Act, 1990.
  • Managing a full-fledge sales tax accounting function, under outsourcing arrangement.
  • Obtaining sales tax registration or enrollment.
  • Assistance in preparing and filing monthly sales tax returns and maintaining sales tax records.
  • Routine consultancy, which includes advising on the queries in respect of the interpretation of the legal requirements and assistance in completing requirements in connection with Sales Tax Audit and liaison with Sales Tax Auditors.

Audit and assurance helps organizations bring transparency in their operations and functions. It also helps regulatory bodies to place better control over the corporate sector and their activities and to safeguard public from financial and non financial scams. Presently we are not involved in providing services of External Audit however, we are engaged in assisting our clients to go through the procedure of audit easily with all the legal and regulatory compliances.

Our experts assist management to keep appropriate records and have appropriate skills to handle and understand requirements of the auditors. This understanding reduces the risk of miscommunication and lack of records.

We have a separate team which provides pre-audit assessment of records and enable management to have in ready form the records which an auditor may require. This approach is supported by many corporate entities to save time and resources.

Services offered include:

Pre-audit for :

    1. Statutory Audits
    2. System Audits
    3. Special Audits – Assignments
    4. Cost Audits etc.
Assurance services other than audit of historical financial statements
  1. Assurance on performance
  2. Due diligence
  3. Feasibility preparation
  4. Assurance on controls
  5. Assurance on consumption pattern etc.

In addition to Merger and Acquisition we also provide services of providing guideline in making investment decision. We are not restricted only to providing guideline but we also provide opportunities for investment which pays higher returns. We have large portfolio of those entities which are creditworthy and able and willing to pay higher returns.
We are bringing invention to traditional practice of providing finance. Our advisors works out many different ways for procuring finance or investing your money to provide better returns than simple investment in debt securities of banking or other institutions.

Too many people simply see money and funding as a means of getting the job done. The value is placed on the bottom line and everything else is ignored. While this is a factor which should be addressed, many of the problems in financial management are a direct result of circumstances with limited options for how to handle them. Some of the more common problems that an entity may face in financial management include:

  • Limited budget/ funding
  • Lack of negotiation
  • Improper spending
  • Poor documentation

We understand the limitations therefore our service of procuring finance also involves its careful utilization/ investment too.

We plan the budget for utilizing the financing by planning ahead of occurrence of expenses, understand the existing and potential limits whether financial or otherwise, and always keep a reserve for rainy days. Our documentation also plays a vital role in saving the entity from facing unnecessary losses.


Management Consultancy helps clients to improve their business performance and grow by solving their problems and finding new and better ways of doing things. As management consultant we offer services across all areas of a business including marketing and Information Technology. However, we do not market your product or service but plan its marketing and let it be executed through your own efforts with our advice.

We provide advice to the decision makers on, among others, strategy and organizational matters. We develop new strategic plan to realize more growth and innovate cost reduction strategies. Implementing the proposed solutions is also our responsibility, if client asked for.

The services we offer includes but not limited to following:

  • Improving the efficiency of business processes;
  • Implementation of new I.T. systems;
  • Outsourcing of non-core tasks; and
  • Optimizing the supply chain.

We remain involved, until the change transitions are completed and new ways of working have become part of ‘business as usual’ operations.


During the recent past Merger & Acquisition Services have developed a time-tested process which our advisors employ when called upon to assist our clients in executing their business development and corporate finance projects. We maintain a proprietary database of over 1,000 industry contacts. This network provides us with the unique ability to quickly identify potential candidates for successful transactions.

Given our sole focus on the listed stock companies, we are qualified to assist clients with the following types of projects:

  • The merger of shell companies or reverse mergers;
  • Takeover through public offer;
  • The merger of group entities;
  • Identification of potential acquirer or target company;
  • Negotiation for merger and acquisition;
  • Engagement of Manger to the process;
  • Transfer of control after acquisition or merger;
  • Issue of capital or SWAP computation;
  • Permission from Competition Commission of Pakistan.

Our initial approach is to always work one on one with a client to understand their business objectives, as well as their short and long term goals. Rather than passing along responsibility, all assignments are led by a senior advisor who oversees a client’s project from start to finish. These senior advisors bring vast “hands on” transactional experience in merger and acquisition process, finance and regulatory matters which greatly reduces execution risk and facilitates the successful completion of a transaction.

To better understand our process and to see how merger & acquisition services has successfully assisted our clients in achieving their business objectives, do contact us.


Proper execution of Business Process Reengineering (BPR) can be a game-changer to any business. If properly handled, it can perform miracles on a failing or stagnating company, increasing the profits and driving growth.

Business process reengineering, however, involves enforcing change in an organization which always tearing down something people are used to and creating something new and it is not an easy task.

In BPR we recreate core business process with the goal of improving product output, quality, or reducing costs. As unlike Business Process Management, BPR involves bringing change in fundamental business processes. We adopt following brief steps to provide effective BPR service;

  • Understanding the current business process and control system, then evaluate the system and the process to identify the need of change. These changes are first reported to client’s management and after their agreement we proceed further;
  • Convincing the second level of management and other related staff for need of change and their essential benefits;
  • Gathering necessary date during the process and develop a comprehensive plan with involvement of different department heads and leaders;
  • Identifying the change resistant factors and triggers to have their controlled involvement in bringing the change;
  • Involving the team of experts, both from inside and outside entity to reduce the chances of failure, involvement of senior and operational management is inevitable here to bring the success in change; and
  • Identify inefficient process and define Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) then reengineering the process to make it efficient and compare KPIs.

Business advisory services are aimed to assist organizations in improving their ability to manage different whether business, financial or other related risks. Risk management in today’s changing environment is not simply a matter of identification and mitigation of risks. Every organization should see any risk as an opportunity to strengthen its underlying processes. Our clients benefit from our deep interaction and involvement at the executive and Partner levels, no matter what their size.

Risk advisory services cause to improve quality and effectiveness of control process more specifically internal audit functions supported with the periodical independent reports on accounting, audit and financial controls in compliance to the services scope agreed with the management. However, our work methodology and strategy cover the changing risks facing the business operations; retaining internal audit professionals in all of the key skill areas; substitute an in-house internal audit function with specialist skills; and assessing the effectiveness of risk management, internal audit, and corporate governance.

Best practice ensures that experts are delivering solutions to their clients in a swift, timely and proactive manner.

  • Internal Audit
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Corporate and Regulatory Compliance
  • IT Audit, Infrastructure, and Security
  • Transaction Advisory

Training is a skill building program which includes provision of concepts, written material, understanding and practical exposure and practice, whereas, workshop is a part of training which focuses on the practical and introduction to specific skill set.

We offer Trainings and workshops for staff, whether executive, managerial, or operational, of our corporate clients. We offer following courses for trainings and workshops:

Present courses
  • Different Financial Reporting Frameworks;
  • Adoption of IFRS 09 and its effects;
  • Work Ethics;
  • Managing effective finance;
  • Current Tax structure and how to avail maximum benefits;
  • Management of Withholding of Tax; and
  • Challenges of financial reporting and tax compliances.
Fields we target

The fields for training and workshops we focus are following:

  • Financial reporting
  • Financial management
  • Tax compliances
  • Changes in corporate laws and their effects
  • Work Ethics
  • Internal control mechanism
  • Effective management of work
  • Importance of Time control

Our training services may be availed in respect of any course covered under the broad array of fields given above.


The cost can be quite high if things don’t work out with your new hire. The entire process will repeat all over again. Therefore, the adoption of every possible precaution and direct best resources to provide hiring service is inevitable. While providing the service we ensure that our independence in other sectors should not be impaired.

As Human Resource Consultant we provide the following vast range of services:

  • Human Resources Planning based on needs and available resources with the client and its future plans;
  • Perform Job Analysis and designing Job description;
  • Human Resources Recruitment & Selection, here we involve our clients too;
  • Employee Outsourcing for specific jobs either on adhoc or permanent basis;
  • Evaluate the performance of employees and give recommendation for managing it, we also provide our services to manage your human resource completely;
  • Provide training and Career Development Plans;
  • Planning the Compensation & Benefits and providing a system to plan benefits; and
  • Initiate and establish Human Resources Training Programs.

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