Training and workshops

Training is a skill building program which includes provision of concepts, written material, understanding and practical exposure and practice, whereas, workshop is a part of training which focuses on the practical and introduction to specific skill set.

We offer Trainings and workshops for staff, whether executive, managerial, or operational, of our corporate clients. We offer following courses for trainings and workshops:

Present courses

  • Different financial reporting frameworks;
  • Adoption of IFRS 09 and 17 with their effects;
  • Work ethics;
  • Managing effective finance;
  • Current tax structure and how to avail maximum benefits;
  • Management of withholding of tax; and
  • Challenges of financial reporting and tax compliances.

Fields we target

The fields for training and workshops we focus are following:

  • Financial reporting
  • Financial management
  • Tax compliances
  • Changes in corporate laws and their effects
  • Work Ethics
  • Internal control mechanism
  • Effective management of work
  • Importance of time control

Our training services may be availed in respect of any course covered under the broad array of fields given above.

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